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We want to make the world more Collectively Intelligent

A collective intelligent world would be a better place for individuals, teams and society as a whole. When people's competencies are valued and validated within teams and organizations. Change, innovation and growth thrive.

Pioneers of Collective Intelligence

As the pioneers of Collective Intelligence, we know that high performing teams, individuals and organizations excel in their ability to integrate knowledge, make well-informed decisions and convert them into viable and long-term results.

Collectively Intelligent organizations support and mobilize self-navigating teams who are adaptable and reflexive to change and able to customize their approach to meet complex and dynamic targets. A high-level of Collective Intelligence benefits ecosystems across the entire business spectrum.

“Business performance flourishes when a human-centric approach overlays structure. I believe Collective Intelligence gives us the ability to drive business change and achieve sustainable results.”

Johan Wieslander

Releasing human potential

Complex organizational needs can be better met by adding an 'intelligence layer' instead of further structure and processes. Organizations need a framework to work by, but over-complicating structure is counter-productive.

Many companies are at the threshold of having unnecessarily complex structures and creating a culture of low-performing teams. Collective Intelligence strengthens the intelligence layer which results in better collaboration, creativity and smooth innovation. This layer is based on teams' ability to integrate individuals' knowledge, experience and intelligence.

“Our increasingly complex and specialist society creates a growing need for intelligence. Artificial Intelligence will not solve this problem, it will only add more complexity. What organizations need is Collective Intelligence. It allows us to understand how teams work with, and integrate knowledge. That is, how team intelligence is created.”

Philip Runsten
PhD and researcher, Stockholm School of Economics

A model for Collective Intelligence

Read more about collective intelligence and the latest research about the development of groups.