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Consulting company powered by Collective Intelligence

We believe management consultancy creates sustainable business value when change is driven by individuals, groups and organizations who have a sharpened ability to share and integrate knowledge. We are specialists in navigating our clients through business challenges to produce tangible, measurable and goal-specific results. Always delivering business value, always human-centric, always powered by Collective Intelligence.

Manage the unpredictable

Does your projects need to push boundaries to deliver as promised?
Project failure rates are often high and costly. This is commonly handled with more structure. Instead, increasing teams task understanding and collaboration skills will ensure execution when things don’t go as planned. Successful execution is more than following a plan. It is delivering value through great teams. Dynamic collaboration reduces the need for more structure.

High functioning teams stand out in the crowd

Could your team push to become higher performing?
Say goodbye to dysfunctional teams. Our research-based model helps teams to increase their potential and use knowledge integration with high-impact. Happy and efficient teams are collectively intelligent! Each team member works smarter, is focused on the same goal and encourages others to achieve more.

Redefining value potential balancing strategy and adaptability

We are specialized in how to implement strategy and transformations with a strategic execution-approach. We regard it as a continuous flow, we call it Stratecution, and it can be applied to any kind of change, i.e. large transformations as well as smaller initiatives.

Our Stratecution approach has helped organizations, within several industries, to transform. By setting new strategies, by helping organizations execute on their current strategy, and sometimes with both. No matter what, we always rely on four important cornerstones to move between strategy and effect in a continuous flow.

Many system implementations are either delayed, too expensive or do not achieve the goals

We have discovered that the crucial ability to succeed and realize effect, is to be able to handle complexity and variability. This ability, is developed by working systematically to increase the project's collective intelligence.

Make your organization fit for future

Do you want to unleash your organization´s full potential?
Our guess is yes. We know that organizations succeeding at realizing results are purpose driven, flexible and treat collaboration as a key capability. Experienced in agile transformations and organizational design, we guide you towards intelligence by organizing for collaboration, leveraging digital collaboration tools and developing needed mindset and leadership.

Service design creates change from the outside in

Do you think services can be designed?
The idea is simple yet radical. To step out the door of our organisations and into the lives of the people for whom we exist. There, outside the window, we get to understand peoples behaviors and needs, dreams and desires in order to design for smart and sustainable change.