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We believe in the power of Collective Intelligence

Our consulting core idea is that sustainable value is created when change is driven by individuals, groups and organizations who have a sharpened ability to share and integrate knowledge.

We strive to maximize value in four distinct areas of expertise, where we have extensive experience, and where our core idea of leveraging collective intelligence to solve complex issues, makes a significant difference in outcome:

- Make your Strategy and Execution into a loop
- Realize the benefits from your system investment
- Make your organization fit for future
- Create the right experience with outside-in thinking

Make your Strategy and Execution into a loop

Is your strategy and execution like two separate worlds that don’t meet?
You are not alone. We have found that a robust internal and external analysis in the rapidly changing environment is still necessary, but no longer enough. Strategy is fundamentally about getting the core idea and its consequences to mean something throughout the entire organization – to actually guide prioritization and resource allocation. We create an integrated and iterative process of strategic navigation - Stratecution.

Realize the benefits from your system investments

Are your system investments generating the expected benefits?
Most have no real idea. We have thought a lot about why this is so common and what we have done to successfully address this. Our answer: awesome collaboration between the people who have the key knowledge and abilities. We think that is where our true expertise lies – to create an environment of mutual goals, understanding and a will to win together. And to stick with it until it becomes a success, no matter what.

Make your organization fit for future

Do you want to unleash your organization's full potential?
Our guess is yes. We know that organizations succeeding at realizing results are purpose driven, flexible and treat collaboration as a key capability. Experienced in agile transformations and organizational design, we guide you towards intelligence. To create sustainable results, we develop mindset and leadership, design collaborative structures and ensure leverage of digital collaboration tools.

Create the right experience with outside-in thinking

Do you forget whom you exist for?
It is all too common. A human-centric approach, outside-in, is business critical - creating satisfied users and genuine engagement. We always start with human needs, accelerated by technology and business logic to create a whole. Combining these perspectives has proven to create a powerful movement - a full experience for customers, citizens and employees alike.