Circular business development

We helped a leading manufacturer of heavy-duty trucks assess a range of circular business development opportunities, with the ambition of making their business more circular while strengthening customer value, competitiveness, and financial results.


New regulations as well as customer demands and expectations are pushing the environmental agenda forward in many industries, and the transport sector is at the forefront of this development. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of heavy trucks and buses, our client has bold ambitions for their environmental impact – such as electrification of transports and efforts to make business more circular. 

On a mission to explore and commercialize business opportunities beyond existing business and capabilities, a strategic initiative was established to assess a range of circular business opportunities – and Influence was hired to assist in analysing and prioritising the opportunities. 

What we did 

Within the given scope of opportunities, we took a market perspective to understand if these types of businesses are offered on the market today, and if so, how successful they are by looking further into relevant players and their offerings, size, profitability, and development trends. We also investigated typical customer needs, business ecosystems, business/pricing models, as well as other business drivers such as regulations and technologies. Furthermore, we mapped out the relationship between different market segments, existing flows of vehicles and parts, and the circular business opportunities in questions – thereby also touching upon potential interdependencies and synergies between the opportunities from a market perspective. 

Based on these analyses we ranked the opportunities as “stand-alone” initiatives, including rationale for recommendations and outstanding questions to be looked further into. Our findings and recommendations were then merged with a separate assessment of our client’s current capabilities and corresponding synergy potentials. 


Within a short period of time, we assessed and prioritized a range of circular business opportunities. Recommendations were substantiated by analysis on relevant dimensions and framed by overviews of relevant market segments and flows. 

Our work was merged with internal capability and synergy mapping, and the integrated material was used to decide about future efforts to make our client’s business and ecosystem more circular.