Change is constant but we don’t plan for constant change.

Background Yet, for all this uncertainty, most discussion centers around this change or that transformation. We instead in this part of our Stratecution insight series posit that the discussion should be equally much about how organizations can build sufficient capability for continuous change. Our experience is that you must now be able to manage both […]

3 activities for creating a healthy and high performing organization

The world gets more complex. Reasons for this are for instance globalization and digitalization, but also the incremental number of expectations that organizations need to live up to, within sustainability, diversity, employee engagement to mention a few. Adding structures and processes to handle this makes the working environment even more complex. Complexity not only leads […]

Psychological safety as a key factor to spark innovation

Innovation requires you to solve challenges in a changing or even messy environment. This chaotic nature of innovation is only enhanced (for better and worse) when working with external partners. However, the research is clear, the best creativity and team output comes from teams where expectations and challenges are freely shared. Given that all members […]

Customer journeys as a foundation for customer experience.

Background Increased competition compelled our client to rethink their current way of business in order to maintain a strong market position and a high price value in relation to competitors. The situation built a need to strengthen the customers’ perceived value of the service offering and for the client to increase their competitiveness in the […]

Accelerating growth through a Project Management Office.

Background In an effort to reach the ambitious long-term financial growth target in 2020, our client identified the Business Unit Services as a growth engine and thus an essential part in reaching the target. However, the BU lacked the ability to easily track the progress of its initiatives and projects, nor did they have sufficiently […]

Saved a global IT project in crisis.

Background How do you create a burning platform for change when you are one of the most consistently profitable actors in your industry, over multiple decades? This was the core challenge for one of our clients in the heavy industrial sector. There was a general awareness of the need to radically change the ways of […]

Trust-based governance in the Swedish public administration sector

A governance and management revolution is currently initiated in the Swedish public administration sector. Challenging New Public Management’s rigorous control and focus on measurable goals has taken the form of ‘tillitsdelegationen’ (trust delegation). Tillitsdelegationen’s goals are appealing: improved work environment, strengthened core business, increased efficiency, flexibility and focus. This is coupled with reduced unnecessary administration […]

Mobilize your microsystems for successful strategy implementation

We use our research-based framework, Collective Intelligence, to work with organizations in two layers for maximum impact: This Strategy realization insight explains how to mobilize layer 2 to achieve your strategy by leveraging Collective Intelligence. To reap the effects of your strategy implementation you need to understand how the organization really works To understand today’s […]