Accelerating growth through a Project Management Office.


The client was facing a high growth target and lacking in portfolio management. By implementing a PMO and establishing suitable roles, processes and forums for our client we were successful in creating the right prerequisites for sustainable growth.

Enhanced prioritization and steering, in combination with more effective project management, facilitates the organization in reaching the long-term growth target.

The client was facing a high growth target and lacking in portfolio management. We helped by implementing a PMO and establishing effective roles, processes, and forums. This improved prioritization and steering, leading to sustainable growth and helping the client reach its long-term target.


In an effort to reach the ambitious long-term financial growth target in 2020, our client identified the Business Unit Services as a growth engine and thus an essential part in reaching the target. However, the BU lacked the ability to easily track the progress of its initiatives and projects, nor did they have sufficiently defined roles and organizational structure to simultaneously drive development and change while working efficiently together with other part of the organization. In order to address these issues, we were assigned the task of establishing portfolio management for the Business Unit Services.

What we did

As a first step we assisted our client in establishing a Project Management Office (PMO) by setting a structure for categorizing, coordinating and prioritizing ongoing and planned projects. This included a competence inventory prior to strategic planning and execution of an organizational restructuring to establish adequate roles, processes and forums to better leverage competences, collaboration and knowledge integration.

Furthermore, this was combined with development of method- and capital structure, suitable communication channels, project management training tailored for target audiences as well as quality assurance and strategic advisory. This in turn resulted in a standardized way of working, enhanced prioritization and steering as well as simplified and secured progress while carrying out project – prerequisites for lowered cost of projects and lower demand for resources.


Through the enhanced structure, processes, communication and knowledge integration we were able to secure a sustainable organization well in line with the strategic long-term goal for 2020. As well as establishing a platform and forum of scalability which can be transferable to other parts of our client’s organization.