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Felix Fahlander

Short about Felix
  • Education

    M.Sc. Integrated Product Design from KTH Royal Institute of Technology

  • Position

    Management consultant

  • Joined Influence

    September 2015

  • Passion

    Tech within the retail industry

  • Enjoy

    I like to put plasters on my sore hands after climbing

He's all about bringing together people and structure to enable for game-changing innovations. Read what Felix has to say about his time at Influence and what the graduate program has meant for him.

How did you get in contact with Influence and what made you apply to our graduate program?

I’m a mechanical engineer who happened to get interested in innovation. Then I realized that innovation is not only about inventing new things, it’s about enabling new inventions to happen. This made me interested in cultural transformations in combination with setting up supporting structures. At that time I had lunch with a friend and we naturally started talking about what to do after graduation. Our dialogue was kind of like this:

Me: … Bla bla “Culture transformation” … Bla bla “Enable change” … bla bla “Sustainable change” … bla bla

My friend: Have you heard about Influence?

After that I researched Influence a bit, got to meet some of the people working at the company and I fell in love with the idea of Collective Intelligence and the people who work here.

"I fell in love with the idea of Collective Intelligence and the people who work here."

What has your time in our graduate program meant for your career as a management consultant?

I view the program as two parallel tracks that form you as a consultant. One track is the “rational track” where you learn the tools that help you in your work. You need to know the processes of change management, how project management works, how you work fast and efficiently in PowerPoint, how to tackle agile transformations etcetera. All of these are included in the program.

The other track is the “emotional track”, which I believe is the secret sauce of Influence. This track is not as tangible, but it is really powerful. It has given me the ability to study groups and people, reflect on what I have seen and take the needed actions to maximize the outcome. It’s like a radar. I believe this track is enabled by the fact that everyone at Influence speaks the same language and that we throughout the program had weekly meetings where you discuss these topics.

I’d say that the program has given me a great foundation for my career as a consultant. During my time at Influence, my expertise has grown organically into the retail business. I love retail since it’s an interesting balance between structure, strategy and customer understanding. In the end it’s all about the customers and you need to understand the small triggers that make a person decide A instead of B in a blink of an eye – that’s fascinating. The retail industry is also changing fast right now and it’s super exciting to be part of that change.

"My internal engagements have given me the opportunity to influence our culture as well as our business development."

What are your internal engagements and why do you think it’s important to do things internally?

I find it nice to sometimes balance my work at clients with internal contributions to Influence. It has given me the possibility to work closely with, and for, my colleagues. My internal engagements have also given me the opportunity to influence our culture as well as our business development.

During 1.5 years I, together with my brilliant colleagues Lisa and Viggo, got the privilege to lead the 2017 edition of our graduate program. This really gave me the possibility to get to know the seven graduates and my program partners, but it also helped me to evaluate, develop and decide who I want to be as a leader.

A crazy thing that I count in my internal engagements and I must mention is the Ragnar Relay. We were five colleagues in a team that, in total, ran 285 km around Lake Mälaren. Each team always had to have one runner on the track and the rest followed in a car. It took 25 hours and I think I slept no more than one hour that night. But I’ll definitely do it again. I’ve also been on ski trips to the Alps, cross-country ski trips and ran other races. But leading the graduate program and running the Ragnar Relay really take the price!

Felix Fahlander