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Elise Winje

Short about Elise
  • Education

    M.Sc. Economics from Stockholm University

  • Position

    Management consultant, team manager and member of the leadership team at Influence

  • Joined Influence

    January 2014

  • Passion

    Change management, customer offerings and market development

  • Enjoy

    Eating cinnamon buns, playing golf and spending time with family and friends

Joining Influence in 2014 as part of the first edition of our graduate program, Elise is now a team manager and part of the leadership team at Influence. Scroll down to find out what Elise thinks about the future of Influence and why our graduate program has a central role in this.

How would you describe the journey Influence has been on the last years and where do you see Influence in the coming years?

When I joined Influence in 2014, we were about 20 consultants and we’ve since then grown to a team of over 100 consultants. With this growth follows the need to work with our market position, vision, our brand and cultural platform. I see Influence as a modern and value-driven company, and it makes me proud that we’ve succeeded in sustaining our growth and that we’re aiming for continuing this in the future too.

In the coming years I both hope and believe that we will continue being a requested and acknowledged partner for complex transformations – that we’re well-known for creating sustainable results based in efficient and effective collaboration with our clients’ employees.

"We want to be at the forefront of building the consulting company that the next generation’s clients and employees want."

What is Influence doing to develop the internal culture?

At Influence, we want to be at the forefront of building the consulting company that the next generation’s clients and employees want. This also needs to be reflected in our culture. To me, this includes that we dare to question conventional solutions, and that requires courage.

When describing the culture at Influence, I’d say that it’s inclusive and that we have high trust in and curiosity in other individuals. We care about each other and the people affected by our work. This is reflected in our core values, of which Genuine Hearts is one. I’d also like to highlight the importance of unity as we spend most of our time together with our clients. By arranging, for example, sport and cultural activities and gathering everyone at our conferences, we create occasions for us to hang out with each other and develop both individually and company-wise.

"The main goal with the program is to develop the best management consultants in the industry."

Why is our graduate program important for the future of Influence?

It’s important in so many ways. Since I joined the first edition of the graduate program in 2014, we’ve refined it each year to better match our current position and our strategy. The main goal with the program is to develop the best management consultants in the industry and we continuously adjust to make sure we give the best prerequisites for our talents that join every fall. The program is also closely linked to our vision of building the next generation consulting company as our new talents bring new perspectives, needs and expectations to the company and thereby challenge us in what company Influence is to be, both in the present and in the future.

We focus a lot on creating a safe and challenging environment for the graduate team so that they have the possibility to learn as much as possible from where they are in their career. This includes both building experience of and understanding for our consulting toolbox, as well as for our culture. Being part of the program gives you the Influence ways of doing and being from start and you’re expected to bring this with you in your assignments. Our graduate teams are truly important in bringing the employees closer to each other, regardless of previous experience and time at Influence.

Elise Winje