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Amanda Solback

About Amanda
  • Education

    M.Sc. Economics & Business Adm., Copenhagen Business School Bachelor in Business Adm., Lund University

  • Position

    Management consultant

  • Joined Influence

    September 2019

  • Passion

    Service Design

  • Enjoy

    Hot yoga, spinning, sauna, sweat simply!

Amanda has recently completed our 18-month graduate program in a time of pandemic and digital work. Take part in her journey so far.

Can you tell the story of how you ended up at Influence?

I first heard about Influence through acquaintances during my studies in Lund. Since I have a great interest in people and business development, the combination of management consulting and Collective Intelligence became an incredibly good match. When I left Influence’s office after my first interview, I thought; this is where I want to work! From all the people I met, I got a warm and genuine sense and at the same time they were incredibly driven and sharp – the perfect mix according to me.

You have just "graduated" from 1½ years in the graduate program – tell us about the journey so far?

I clearly remember walking into the office that September day 1,5 years ago, excited and nervous. There and then, the journey began with two intense weeks where we, without revealing too much, got to experience a real boost in collective intelligence, reflections, challenges, and last but not least laugh together a lot. Since then, we have collected wonderful memories throughout customer projects, trainings, mindfulness exercises and conferences with the rest of the company, which has strengthened the group and allowed us to grow as consultants.

What advice would you give someone considering applying for the graduate program?

My advice would be: APPLY! With the program behind me, I feel ready to take it to the next level as a consultant. The program has been a perfect transition from studies to work-life and given me a kick-start to my career. As a bonus, I’ve gotten to know a lot of wonderful colleagues, who I now consider being my close friends. The graduate program is about just that - it is so much more than a program. I am constantly impressed by my colleagues in the graduate group!

Amanda Solback