The AI Paradox – A fictional story made in collaboration with AI

Part 1: Promise In the not-so-distant future, a young professional, fresh out of university, named Alex embarked on a career journey at a well-known consulting firm. They brimmed with hope and excitement, anticipating the endless possibilities that lay ahead. The firm was celebrated for its pioneering use of technology, with AI at the forefront of […]

CI in Circularity: Collective Intelligence enabling the shift to a Circular Economy

In nature, the cycle is governing, resources circulate through photosynthesis, the water and carbon cycles in the ecosystem. Despite this, we have designed an economic system that is linear. The consumer society is based on a linear “take-make-dispose” model which means that resources are extracted to build new products and when these products are used, […]

Stop reorganizing and start developing your organizing skills

The pursuit of a perfect organization, or at least one that’s better than the current one, is a never-ending quest that plagues companies, government agencies, and institutions worse than candy hunting kids on Halloween. But what should we do instead? Initiating and going through with a reorg is expensive. In many cases consultants are involved […]

Why agile can’t stay at surface-level practices

Unfortunately, many organizations have not reached what agile means; being nimble, flexible and adaptable. How flexible is it to lock the teams’ work for the upcoming quarter? Or how adaptable will you be when major bets must pass multiple phases before actual testing and learning happen? Not so much. But why is it like this […]

Working together with your AI co-worker goes beyond IT

The latest rise of AI creates a lot of fears, questions and opportunities. A lot of the discussion revolves around technical capabilities and its direct usage. However, to unleash the capabilities organizations may have to perform more extensive digital transformations. This article reflects upon this topic focusing on the business structures and cultural adaptations organizations […]