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Increased ambition

About the exercise
  • Objective

    Create awareness and understanding of the individual contribution to the group's performance

  • Time frame

    10-20 min

  • Materials

    Write down the ambition scale on an image or on flipchart

  • Side note

    Be prepared for this exercise to reveal different levels of ambition in the team and that subsequent discussion can take time


1. Ask the group to look at the drawn-out ambition scale and ask the participants to reflect on the following questions:
- Where am I currently?
- How would I want to contribute further (in this meeting / today / project etc.)?

2. Let the group members reflect quietly for a few minutes.

3. The participants then share their level of ambition with the group, for example by placing the scale on the floor and asking everyone to align themselves with the level of ambition they have chosen or that they may put a note on the number they have chosen. Let the participants tell the group why they have chosen a certain number.

Ambition scale

  1. Acts deliberately in violation of the goal and sabotages the group's results
  2. Does not contribute and takes a passive role in relation to the group's cooperation
  3. Deliver only what has been agreed without additional contributions
  4. Work actively to seek new ways to contribute to the group's success through relevant behavior and delivery
  5. Set a new outstanding standard to make the group successful