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Fundamental reflection

About the exercise
  • Objective

    Self-reflect and learn from the situation or meeting and get to know their colleagues more by listening to their reflections

  • Time frame

    5-10 min

  • Materials

    Paper and pen (flip chart)

  • Side note

    Limit the reflection to a clear question


1. Participants are asked to reflect alone for 5 minutes on a particular question that the supervisor writes down on a flip chart, for example:
- Strongest impression from today's meeting
- Efficiency during the meeting and what can be done better next time
- The most important thing I learned from this project
- How can I adjust my behavior in the future to facilitate collaboration

The reflection issue must of course be adapted to the group's needs and the current situation.
Examples of formats are: What happened? What did I feel? What did I learn?

2. The participants here tell about an event, reinforce the event with emotions linked to the experience and end with what the person has learned. Participants share their reflections. If necessary, the leader reminds the participants of the basics of reflection (see the section "Reflection theory"), ie that everyone may share their thoughts without being interrupted

3. The leader of the meeting concludes reflection with sharing his own thoughts and a brief summary of what the group has concluded that they need to change before future meetings.