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Contributions and expectations

About the exercise
  • Objective

    Make the group reflect on the fact that they, as individuals, are expected to contribute to the work or meeting and to create so called representation about the expectations. This also means that we can measure whether the expectations of the work or meeting were experienced at the end.

  • Time frame

    10 min preparation + 3 min/person

  • Materials

    Post-its + paper to stick the Post-it to

  • Side note

    The exercise may take longer if they find out that the participants have very different expectations


1. The supervisor begins by explaining the purpose of the exercise, i.e. creating an understanding of each other's starting points and expectations of the upcoming work. This is to ensure that competence is utilized and to promote learning.

2. The participants are asked to take two post-its and write down what expectations they have on the upcoming work on one, and what they think they should / can contribute on the other.

3. The participants then get one at a time, share their "contributions" and "expectations" with each other in the group.

4. The exercise ends with the participants setting up their post-its on a flip chart or whiteboard. Please summarize the contributions and expectations in different categories to see if they differ a lot among expectations or if the group together will contribute everything that is considered necessary for the meeting / work to be able to go to the goal.

By gathering expectations you can notice already at the beginning of the meeting if the participants' returns correspond to the purpose and agenda of the meeting. If they do not, it may be good to talk to the group if you want to change the purpose / agenda (if it is possible) or simply say that everyone will not have their expectations met so participants know it from the start.