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About the exercise
  • Objective

    This exercise aims to ensure that there are prerequisites for good cooperation going into a meeting or solving a task as a team.

  • Time

    5 min + preparation, then 1 min/person

  • Materials


  • Side note

    Make sure to keep it short and sweet!


1. The supervisor first explains the importance of check-in. It is used for the purpose of ensuring and paying attention to the group whether we are ready to take on the task we have before us.

2. The supervisor asks the participants, in silence, to reflect on how I feel right now, personally and professionally, (ie how is my status outside the job and what does my job situation look like right now).

3. When everyone is ready, a person starts sharing their status at the moment. Then you go the team around until everyone has shared. Important for the supervisor to point out is the importance of each person sharing only what is relevant for the group to know, given that they should work together.

4. The supervisor concludes by sharing his / her status and summarizing the exercise.