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Hey students and newly graduates, this is your page

Do you want to fill your days after graduation with opportunities to learn, grow and solve business challenges? Then this is the place for you.

Skyrocket your consulting game in our graduate program spanning over 1,5 years. Consisting of working in complex projects, trainings, mentorship and reflection sessions with program peers, the program is tailored for your rapid development and extensive learning.

The application for the graduate program with start in fall of 2021, is now closed. Application for the 2022 graduate program will open during fall 2021.

Some describe us as leadership consultants, others as problem solvers. Truth is, we’re both. Since our start in 2007 we have carried out research in the field of collaboration and its importance for organizational success. We support our clients in their most complex and crucial work relating to business change and growth. Collective Intelligence is incorporated in everything we do, much to our clients’ satisfaction.

“The way Influence views and performs management consulting made it clear: this was where I wanted to start my career.”

Amelie Jakobsson
M.Sc. Business & Management, SSE

We share a passion for solving organizations’ key challenges by leveraging the power of Collective Intelligence. A deep interest in human behaviors therefore connects us all. As curious explorers we find creative approaches and continuously shift between analyzing details to seeing the whole picture. Our three core values; Genuine Hearts, Great Minds and Sustainable Results, are reflected in everything we do and how we act, both at our clients and within Influence.

“Being part of one of the largest student projects in Scandinavia made me realize the importance of Collective Intelligence.”

Viktor Svantesson Romanov
M.Sc. Industrial Engineering and Management, KTH