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Succeeding when rolling out a digital e-learning platform

  • A multinational company had launched a new digital e-learning platform to enable continuous learning among employees. Now, the HR team had to ensure the success of the platform. By interviewing employees, three focus areas were identified to drive the motivation to use the platform: create relevant content and make it easy to find, create a learning-supportive culture and lastly create commitment to use the platform.

A new digital e-learning platform had been launched at a multinational corporation to meet the need for continuous learning. The next challenge awaiting: How to encourage self-leadership among employees?

“By taking on the employees’ perspective, we found three focus areas for enabling continuous learning: Content, Culture and Commitment.”

To stay relevant in today’s complex and fast-moving context, continuous learning within organizations is increasingly important. A large multinational corporation had identified a need to increase the speed of learning and launched a new digital e-learning platform. Now, a new challenge begun: to create self-leadership and motivate employees to use the platform.

The HR team’s vision was clear: employees so eager to learn, they would take time outside of office hours for learning. Unfortunately, the reality was discovered to be different. By interviewing employees from different divisions and levels in the organization, we dug deeper in the challenges from a user point-of view.

Using a service-design approach, three focus areas were discovered in order to motivate usage of the e-learning platform and enable continuous learning:

Content: Create relevant content and make sure it is easy to find.

Simple but easily forgotten, ask what the employees actually want to learn. In this context, employees demanded specific work-related courses to aid their everyday work. Next, simplify the process of finding relevant content by filtering on roles, divisions and “what’s trending”.

Culture: Create an environment where learning is encouraged.

Our first-step recommendation was to start the transformation from several frontiers; both leaders and coworkers. Clarify the leaders’ role in supporting learning and assign learning ambassadors among employees. Also, make the transition towards a learning culture smoother by creating micro-courses which can be taken while commuting or during a coffee-break.

Commitment: Create buzz about the e-learning platform to drive usage

Out of sight, out of mind – create buzz about the e-learning platform to drive usage. Spread the word and make learning fun by creating team contests and live stream from conferences.

Amanda Solback