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Quick tips when getting Office 365

  • How you implement Office 365 can be the difference between chaos and success. This insight provides some quick tips to help you succeed.

When implementing Office 365 it is important to do so in a way that enables business value. Here are some quick tips to help you achieve this!

More value and less headache

Define capabilities: Tie the implementation to your overall business strategy and define the capabilities you need to create long-term value.

Staged rollout: Do not get overwhelmed and decide to roll out all tools at once. This is often a major mistake and risks confusing end users.

Segment: Choose if you really need all tools and make a clear tool segmentation to help maximize the benefit of each tool.

Business structure: Ensure you check that your business structure is up to par. For example that information architecture, learning and internal communications get taken into account.

Familiarity and pilots: Start with what is familiar and use pilot groups to gain the advantage for the future.

The right adoption: Ensure you roll out properly to ensure sufficient and correct adoption. Especially important is to ensure you have passionate change agents.

This is a condensed version of a longer article. For more extensive advice please see "Business focused advice when getting Office 365" below.

Pierre Jarméus