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Helping specialists leverage core competencies

  • When teams of diverse experts deliver complex implementations like digital transformations, they all bring specialized knowledge to the table. These highly skilled teams encounter barriers, often caused by differing professional norms or communication styles. This insight shows how to resolve these challenges by focusing on methods aimed at building trust.

Top five ways for project management to effectively use methods in trust to leverage core competencies in teams of highly specialized experts.

Trust is essential in breaking down silos, deepen teamwork and drive engagement.

New complex business solutions are often implemented by teams of highly specialized experts with specific competencies in management, technology and end-user experience.

Each expert views the project through their particular lens. A management expert sees the strategic perspective and concepts for change and execution. The technology expert understands software and technically how to build digital systems. While the end-user perspective has an overview and how daily work is conducted.

Collaboration across areas is critical for successful projects.
But, collaborations are challenging. As specialists we think, act and rely on a narrow reference point influenced by professional norms and communication styles.

We all see the world differently which influences our ability to:

  • Listen to other’s reasoning
  • Exchange knowledge
  • Make decisions

We know trust helps widen our reference point and gives people confidence to work better together, while leveraging existing skills.
Trust is a critical bridging component, enabling collaboration. Trust helps break down silos, builds up teams and boosts engagement.

Our five tried and tested methods for project management to build team trust are:

  1. Foster openness so failures, ideas and opinions can be shared.
  2. Ask for and respect feedback to improve quality and growth
  3. Respect time, be punctual and meet deadlines
  4. Take the lead, show trust to help others succeed
  5. Actively listen, be open to new ideas, views and methods

These methods help teams and project management leverage core competencies by aligning people with a shared purpose, freedom to think outside of the box and open and honest communication.

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