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Fewer meetings and better business performance

  • Meetings often have too many people, fail to capture and share knowledge or are unnecessary, leading to wasted time and money.

  • By gaining a culturally grounded and digitally enhanced agility in how to do knowledge exchanges you can boost your business performance while also having fewer meetings.

Changes in culture, business structure and technology can enable new value adding options to when and how to do meetings.

Tapping into working methods and technology to promote smarter knowledge exchanges

Historically, knowledge exchanges have been heavily reliant on face-to-face/dial-in meetings. This has resulted in costly and all too familiar side effects such as rescheduling, wasted time, lack of necessary participation and too limited spread of knowledge.

The solution is often at arm’s reach but not always seen. Proper use of the smorgasbord of digital collaboration tools that enable you to move from face to face meetings with low ability to re-share knowledge, to inclusive, time respectful and easily re-shareable knowledge exchanges.

This is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach. The business needs a culturally, structurally and strategically mature view on when this form of digital collaboration will work and when face-to-face oriented meetings would be better. This knowledge exchange agility is key for reducing meeting time and creating more business value.

At Influence, we have developed a framework and model to help overcome these challenges. Explore the possibilities in the related posts.

Pierre Jarméus