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Global digital transformation enabled by collaboration in focus

  • Our client's objective was to significantly improve the employee computing experience, while simultaneously enhancing IT security and reducing cost for its digital workplace service.

  • To achieve this, we initiated an IT-transformation upgrading the full computer service. By focusing on creating efficient teams, ensuring clear roles and responsibilities on global vs local levels while having the end user in focus at all times, we managed to attain this complex task.


Our client, the IT department of a global organization with over 110K employees in almost 200 countries, was determined to deliver an attractive workplace solution to its workforce. This included ensuring an up-to-date, secure, cost-efficient and user-friendly computer solution. To achieve these goals, we suggested an approach which focused on creating efficient collaborations between individuals and core teams. This was a step away from traditional methods, but our client’s bravery allowed us to try.  

What we did

Hence, a worldwide IT transformation entailing the upgrade of the client’s full computer service was initiated. This included the task of physically replacing all employees’ old computers with new upgraded ones within one year. If we succeeded, it would become the largest and fastest IT transformation ever performed. 

Poor experience from previous computer transformations, where employees were required to waste a full business day to migrate to the new solution, had caused reluctance to change. Further, avoiding productivity loss and keeping the number of costly support tickets as few as possible became key, as this could otherwise “break the entire business case”. Additionally, the numerous stakeholders, the worldwide geographical scope, and the many dependencies within the client’s own organization, increased governance and collaboration complexity. 

To overcome these challenges, we identified three key aspects to deliver a high-performing transformation of this scale: 

  1. To ensure a smooth transformation process and keep business disruptions to a minimum, we had the end users (i.e. our client’s employees) in focus when building and communicating the new solution  
  2. To simplify the geographical complexity, a governance model was created with clear global and local responsibilities and thus a high level of engagement was created at all levels
  3. To ensure a smooth knowledge and information sharing between all involved parties, we focused on creating efficient team collaboration supported by the right digital connectivity tools 

We managed to fulfill our client’s objectives. During the first year, the operational costs were reduced by 20 percent, and the forecast is pointing towards further cost savings. Further, the IT security was upgraded to the latest security guidelines, while simultaneously keeping installation complexity down. From the global satisfaction survey, 91 percent of employees were satisfied with the transformation process and their new computer solution. All in all, we set an IT transformation world record! 

"91 percent of the employees were satisfied with the transformation process and their new computer solution."