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WISE IT using culture to reach goals and attract the right people

  • Challenges

    Extreme growth and evolving markets create challenges to steer the company in a unified direction

  • Solution

    One solution to this was to define a new culture platform, develop a tailor-made cultural training and new structures to implement the culture

  • Result

    The beginning of a shift in behavior towards an organization where all employees work according to the long-term goals and with a common culture

Strong culture creates self-navigating employees that act independently making the right decision in every situation


WISE IT realized that to reach their long-term goals, including strong growth, they needed to create a culture with more self-navigated employees that could handle today’s more complex and dynamic market. Self-navigating employees act more independently, making the right decision in every situation according to the culture. That, together with high Collective Intelligence throughout the organization, makes the organization highly adaptable to change which is needed in an arena where organizational structures and processes quickly get out of date in changing conditions.

What we did

Firstly, it was important to clearly define what culture they wanted why a first step for us was to support WISE IT in defining a new culture platform containing Vision, Purpose, and Values. All employees were involved throughout the whole process. WISE IT wanted to create a new culture that supports their goals & strategy as well as attract & retain the right people.
With a culture platform as a base, the work to shift the behavior according to the defined culture started. Behavior changes are made through interactive training and reflection exercises in combination with clear expectations and focus on processes and structures.

The second phase in the project was for us to develop customized culture training off-site for all employees at WISE IT. The purpose of culture training is to:
1. Define and deepen the understanding of WISE IT’s culture
2. Train people to become ambassadors to start living the culture and
3. To increase their ability to work collective intelligently in teams to leverage behavioral change.

The higher Collective Intelligence in the organization the more powerful behavior, and thereby culture change.


Culture change is not a quick fix
For WISE IT the journey has just begun. The new culture platform is launched, the first culture training have been performed, and adaptions in existing structures to encourage correct behavior are being developed. Changes in behavior and discussions at WISE IT can already be seen. However, a culture change is not a quick fix but needs to be performed consistently for a longer period of time and with clear dedication from the management, which has been clear for WISE IT from start. Something to be aware of is that a new culture can also lead to friction in the organization since the new culture might not be aligned with all employee’s own values, which is a natural part of the work.

Important in an expansion 
For WISE IT a strong value-driven culture and efficient teams will provide a lot of advantages. It will make WISE IT an organization with more self-navigated employees who are naturally working towards the same direction which is highly important in an expansion. A stronger culture and clearer purpose will also be a tool to attract and retain the right people.
We will continue to support WISE IT in their journey as advisors and partners in developing their cultural work looking forward.