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Stratecution at large public sector client

  • Summary

    When developing a new long-term strategy our client was simultaneously undergoing large organizational changes.

  • It became clear that we had to approach the task with an iterative manner, a Stratecution way of working, to help our client navigate this tangled terrain.

  • By combing workshops with the management team to set the strategic focus areas and develop a portfolio of all aggregated initiatives, we not only created a common understanding and prioritization of the strategic focus areas, but also the 3-year strategic framework aligned on strategic, tactical and operational level.


Influence was brought in to help our client, a large public sector organization with a newly appointed CEO, form a long-term business strategy to stake out a new direction and better manage prioritizations. Simultaneously while staking out the new business strategy, our client was:

  • Planning and budgeting for next years’ business goals and prioritizations and
  • Continuously undergoing organizational change

It was clear from the start that to help our client navigate this terrain, we had to have an iterative process and a flexible mindset – a Stratecution way of working.

What we did

When working with a public sector client, organizations often have multiple stakeholders to be mindful of, our client being no exception with not only customers to mind but also taxpayers, users and policy makers. In addition, our client was suffering from not having a business PMO with a 360 view of all projects and strategic moves nor a coherent business planning process. Consequently, we focused on:

  • Together with management team, develop a tailor made strategic framework that highlights their main stakeholders and the balance of interest between them
  • Establish a process for breaking down vision to long- and shorter term goals and corresponding activities, while coordinated to the organizational beat
  • Establish a portfolio of all aggregated initiatives, projects and activities, sorted, bundled and tagged to relevant strategic objectives along with
  • Draft their 3-year prioritization plan and strategic shift in focus

Our public sector client is now in full swing to build on their 3-year plan, establish a business-wide PMO and continue to work with their masterplan prioritized with support of the strategic framework. With a modern way of approaching both strategy and execution, iteratively moving between the two, we could maintain a strong focus on what is actually important, learn more about Stratecution here:

Resulting in helping our client with what they really needed; navigate rocky terrain in order to build the foundations to their strategic agenda.

Get in contact if you would like to know more.