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Saved a global IT project in crisis and met deadline

  • A large-scale IT project had been ongoing for over two years with the scheduled launch date and contractural deadline only nine months away. It had become increasingly apparent that the project management had lost control. When the project manager once again postponed the roll out, presenting a plan which would cost tens of millions of kronor in supplier penalty fees, the CIO stepped in and escalated the need to seek external help to turn the project around.

The goal was clear: secure the success of the project by rolling out the IT solution according to the original time plan, eliminating the risk of penalty fees.

Penalty fees avoided and the project was delivered according on schedule against the plan

We started the assignment with a project review from which an action plan was established. With the plan accepted and the organization committed to running the project according to our project management methodology and being led by one of our consultants. For the the first five months, the consultant was full time on the project and for the remaining four managed it on a part time basis. 

Our initial project review unearthed several mistakes commonly found in large and complex projects. The project structure was sub-optimal and collaboration was problematic between some of many stakeholder groups. The mood in and around the project team was not good.

Our action plan included implementing a new project management setup. A trustworthy and reputable employee was appointed project manager and made responsible for the anchoring process within the client’s organization. We then had a consultant as second-in-command, leading the project operationally and handling all suppliers. Together, they worked explicitly and purposefully to achieve intelligent behavior on the project. An intelligent structure enabled intelligent behavior and intelligent behaviour generated an even more intelligent structure. It was a positive cycle that gave the project both momentum and direction.

The co-operation was fruitful and after a few months of hard work, the project was out of the crisis position. The work went according to plan and delivery was rolled out on schedule, avoiding any penalty or late fees.