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New structure for innovation created continuous learning

  • The client had launched an innovation campaign to engage employees to generate new ideas. However, our client realized that to actually deliver value from the ideas generated, they needed to provide more structure and a standardized way of working of how manage the ideas. We helped our client by providing a framework that gave direction on how to create value. Also, by applying a learning-by-doing approach, we accelerated the understanding of what would really work. Lastly, by teaming up with external partners important insights were made.


Our client, a construction industry company, had launched an internal innovation campaign with the goal of engaging employees to generate ideas. However, there was a lack of structure on how to manage ideas or a standardized way of working to deliver actual value from the ideas.

We were assigned to establish and lead an innovation lab. This included engaging the company's innovation board to lead innovation initiatives to continuously supply learnings to the business. It became evident that the actual word 'innovation' was poorly defined and many management stakeholders had different views on how the lab should be best utilized.

What we did

To address these issues, a project was initiated to establish common definitions and principles for innovation. To increase the chance for an idea to lead to actual innovation and long-term financial impact, a framework covering both structural and cultural aspects of innovation was designed and implemented. The main concepts were also documented in a toolbox to be shared and used internally.

There are many ways to innovate and not every company can innovate in the same way. As part of the assignment we were responsible for project managing several innovation initiatives delivered by both employees and external partners. This learning-by-doing approach led to real feedback of what worked which meant the framework and toolbox could be refined. The initiatives also resulted in concepts, insights and recommendations about applications of new and upcoming technology.


At the end of the assignment, we handed over the innovation lab project management together with supporting material. With executive sponsors, prioritized strategic areas for innovation and an easy to use toolbox, the company was successfully set up to lead the idea management process in a structured way.