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Fortum, how modernized leadership realize large annual efficiency profits

  • Fortum Distribution unit owns, operates and develops 70,000 km of grid network in Sweden. The company were facing challenges and an analysis found these were: a lack of pride among the 370 employees, outdated leadership, challenges in delegation and inability to steer and lead teams and projects. These issues made retention of key employees and diverse ways of working difficult. They also needed to create a strong employer brand and address financial challenges.

Improved corporate culture in the management team, with a focus on team development and implementing a visionary leadership program

Creation of an enhanced working environment and significant savings made.

The program was a great success. The positive effect at group level prompted the introduction of mandatory development plans for all employees and teams across the organization. Fortum Distribution also decided to adapt and further develop their project model by integrating Collective Intelligence tools with existing project management methods.

The managers are clear in their praise of the program. They now say they have more time for reflection, analysis and to work with strategic issues. Fortum Distribution estimated that as a result of the program, efficiency has increased and risks have reduced by a high annual value. The partnership with us has also resulted in generally better collaboration in the organization and in an improved work environment.