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Enabling world class customer care to turn around customer satisfaction

  • As an important part of the Swedish public transport system, this transport provider needed to deliver excellent customer services. But since the win of a public contract a few years earlier, the client had become increasingly targeted with criticism from disappointed travelers. With increased pressure there was a need to improve customer satisfaction to avoid risking losing future business.

Poor customer service was resulting in low customer satisfaction. We worked with all customer facing staff members to change their behavior with the goal of delivering world-class customer service.

An initial 20% jump in customer satisfaction and a shift in company culture to deliver world-class service

We kicked off with management team workshops and subsequent analysis helped us to create a plan defining the desired behaviour. This was then adopted and all employees underwent three days of training in vision reinforcement and experienced based learning. Reflection and feedback were used as tools and key employees were coached between and after the training sessions.

After six months, the project had achieved increased motivation and engagement among individual employees. This led to a 20% improvement in customer satisfaction.

However, this was only the beginning. The training also had the purpose of creating a self-learning company culture where, with feedback and coaching, an employee constantly works towards improving behaviour and customer service. The goal was that all employees deliver their best effort without constant reminders, instructions and monitoring. With this as a goal, the company was in a strong position to move forward to deliver world-class customer service.