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Cisco, digital ecosystem enabling explosive growth

  • Explosive growth challenge

    Resolved and harnessed by a digital collaborative ecosystem across internal resources, partners and customers.

  • Holistic approach

    From initial study and strategy formulation to design and implementation; with people and collaboration as key success factors.

  • Rapid business value

    Quickly exceeded management goals post launch and created a new competitive edge.

Influence helped Cisco enable further growth of an acquisition through a digital collaboration and knowledge integration ecosystem.


Cisco’s acquisition of the software firm Tail-f was followed by explosive growth. However, this presented new challenges such as the need to secure a stream of ongoing delivery knowledge to meet rising demand.

What we did

An assessment was performed, highlighting the existing knowledge pools as key knowledge gaps and defined a clear need for stronger digital collaboration. Influence also helped clarify the strategy and align stakeholders to secure momentum. This led to the formation of a digital ecosystem program which involved people globally from the client organization and beyond.

The assessment found that the key challenges were related to the business structures and that technology-related work was necessary. Due to this, Influence worked on setting a new user case-based design for the two key collaborative platforms. One internal, the Field Portal, and one open for all stakeholders, the Developer Hub. Great effort was also put upon creating a people-based support structure to enable going from strategy to a culture delivering desired value. The people-based structure was also used to perform many activities that solved most identified knowledge gaps and strengthened the global community. The ecosystem became the solution for further knowledge generation and built the momentum to continue to produce and share knowledge.

To facilitate success and reduce risk, the digital ecosystem went live in stages, starting internally and then gradually expanding externally. Through this agile approach, with constant monitoring challenges could be managed without disrupting the overall progress.


Within one month since fully launched the digital ecosystem had already succeeded beyond management goals. It had become a well-used digital ecosystem platform filled with information and e-learnings. Furthermore, it now contained hundreds of pieces of content and equal amounts of searchable Q&A knowledge. It quadrupled multiple key metrics relating to target groups and collaboration as well as content quality. Cisco can now continue to build value for the future, both relating to delivery and showing its product possibilities to new and existing customers.

Through the digital ecosystem we have received an entirely new competitive edge both internally and externally. Influence has been essential all the way from strategy formulation to successful operation of the digital ecosystem through their holistic perspective focusing both on people and IT as well as their overall extensive expertise, leadership and drive."
Fredrik Lundberg, Head of Tail-f, Cisco