Explosive growth challenge – resolved and harnessed by a digital collaborative ecosystem

Digital collaboration through internal resources, partners and customers

Influence helped Cisco enable further growth of an acquisition through a digital collaboration and knowledge integration ecosystem across internal resources, partners and customers. This was done through a holistic approach, from initial study and strategy formulation to design and final creation where Influence was brought in as specialists in Digital Collaboration. A key success factor was Influence’s focus on the people and change management aspect.

The challenge of quick growth

The successful acquisition by Cisco of software firm Tail-f was followed by explosive growth. However, this growth was presenting new challenges. One of these were the increasingly clear need for securing a stream of ongoing delivery knowledge to the field to meet the rising demand. To manage this challenge Influence, who had already assisted effectively in other Cisco challenges, was brought in.

Experience and knowledge guided the journey

Influence combined and applied its existing client understanding and knowledge capital relating to digital collaboration to guide and accelerate the journey.

Early on Influence performed an assessment, highlighting existing knowledge pools, key knowledge gaps and supporting the need for a stronger digital collaborative situation. Influence also helped clarify the strategy and align different stakeholders to secure a solid momentum. This in turn lead to the formation of the digital ecosystem program which involved people globally from the client organization and beyond.

The assessment made it clear that the key challenges were related to the business structures, even if it also pinpointed that some technology related work also was necessary. Due to this, Influence worked on setting a new use case based design for the two key collaborative platforms within the ecosystem. One internal, the Field Portal, and one open for all users and stakeholders in the market, the Developer Hub. Great effort was put upon creating a people based support structure to enable going from a defined strategy to a culture that would deliver the desired value.  The people based structure was also used to perform many value add activities that effectively closed most of the identified knowledge gaps and strengthened the global community. The ecosystem became the solution for further knowledge generation and built the momentum to continue to produce and share knowledge.

“Through the digital ecosystem we have received an entirely new competitive edge both internally and externally. Influence has been essential all the way from strategy formulation to successful operation of the digital ecosystem through their holistic perspective focusing both on people and IT as well as their overall extensive expertise, leadership and drive.”
Fredrik Lundberg, Head of Tail-f, Cisco

To facilitate success while also reducing risk, the digital ecosystem went live in stages, starting internally and then gradually expanding externally. As it went live it was constantly monitored and communication was fast thanks to pre-designed communications only requiring adaption. Through this agile approach, challenges could be managed as they came up without disrupting the overall progression.

A platform for continuously building value

Within approximately one month since the full digital ecosystem launch it had already gone beyond the goals management set out. It had become a well-used digital ecosystem consisting of both an internal and external collaboration platform filled with associated information and e-learnings.

Furthermore, it had gathered and generated hundreds of pieces of content and equal amounts of searchable Q&A knowledge. In fact, it had already quadrupled multiple key metrics relating to target groups reach and collaboration as well as quality content.

Cisco can now through the platform created with Influence continue to build value for the future, both relating to delivery excellence as well as demonstrating its product possibilities to new and existing customers.

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