The prosperity of the Knowledge Society is largely due to increased productivity based on advances in technology and IT, combined with mobility and globalisation.

Today’s large and complex organizations lead to complex relationships between structures and people. In order to increase efficiency in the future, management teams need to make better decisions and project teams have to become more attuned.

Direction and purpose

This is where Influence comes in. We have the knowledge to improve processes and practices using the latest in IT, and we have the experience required to increase the participation and involvement of people in organizations. And we have approaches and tools that revolutionise management team practices and raise the efficiency of work teams. We know how to combine management and leadership, and how to create a story that gives an organization direction and purpose.

Three offerings for improved performance

We have three main offerings in which we:

Increase the Collective Intelligence of organizations

It is about creating the conditions for employees to be self-navigating in all situations. They want to do what is right, they understand what is right and they do it the way which is right for the organization. And they know how to act to increase the Collective Intelligence of all microsystems they are a part of.

Develop management teams to be high performing

The goal is to move from being a group of individuals with various individual goals to being a high performing team. This offering is aimed towards the most important teams of an organization, usually management teams or project teams for strategic initiatives.

Lead and develop high performing teams

Intelligent project structures enable collectively intelligent behaviors and collectively intelligent behaviors lead to intelligent project structures. Based on this understanding, we lead change projects, develop strategies, procure and implement IT, and transform corporate cultures and visions.

High values deliver higher value

These are some of our ways of developing collective intelligence together with our clients. Our goal is to generate improved efficiency and performance in both short and long term, i e sustainable results. We are convinced that our research-based methods for collective intelligence and our tools for creating high quality microsystems are superior to traditional management consulting approaches and methods.

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Explore Collective Intelligence in Action

Explore Collective Intelligence in Action

Companies need to change the way they manage and lead to match the way that modern humans actually work and live.

– Brian Halligan, CEO, Hubspot

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