All organizations consist of people and structures. The interaction between structure and people take place in what we call microsystems. The quality of these microsystems determine how efficient an organization is.

Many organizations invest heavily in improving structures and in people, but very little in getting people to perform well within these structures. It has to do with an overconfidence in creating efficiency through structural changes. But it is in the microsystems all investments in structures and people should pay off.
At Influence, we focus on improving the quality of the microsystems. This means that we take action to get people to perform better in the structures as well making the structures better support the goals of the organization.

Support in the latest research

Today’s organizations are often very complex and collaboration is crucial to make them function well. Research has shown that there is a significant difference between the best and the worst performing management teams of US companies, and that it is in the microsystems the greatest variations can be found. A variation of more than 100% in time spent on the team’s task in meetings is common. And it is not due to differences in structure. It is due to differences in Collective Intelligence.

We know how to create high performing teams and self-navigating individuals that boost the collective capability of the organization. Based on Collective Intelligence research and our experiences from hundreds of client cases, we have developed tools that direct the combined competences of an organization towards common goals. It is a kind of art.

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Explore Collective Intelligence in Action

Explore Collective Intelligence in Action

Can collective intelligence save the planet? It’s the only hope we have.

– Patrick Joseph McGovern

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