Provider of public transportation

Regional public transportation.

Nationwide provider of public transportation.

Disappointed travellers and therefore a dissatisfied client.

The transport provider operates in an important part of the public transportation system in Sweden. Since the client won a public contract a few years earlier the client has become increasingly sensitive to criticism from disappointed travellers.

The pressure on the transport supplier became huge and the client decided that improved customer satisfaction was essential to avoid the risk of losing business in the future.

Change in behavior to create a world-class customer service.

Surveys showed that poor customer service resulted in low customer satisfaction. Influence was assigned to change the behaviour of all members of staff who had customers contact. The goal was to create world-class customer service.

After workshops with the management team and subsequent analysis a plan defining the desired behaviour was adopted. All employees underwent three days of training in vision reinforcement and experienced based learning. Reflection and feedback was used as tools and key employees were coached between and after the training sessions.

Improvement of customer satisfaction by 20 % and that is just the beginning.

Already after six months, the project resulted in increased motivation and engagement among individual employees. This has in turn led to a 20 % improvement in customer satisfaction.

However, this was only the beginning as a part of the training had the purpose of creating a self-learning company culture in which for example feedback and coaching one constantly works towards improving behaviour and customer service. The goal is that all employees deliver their best effort without constant reminders, instructions and monitoring. With this goal in focus the company is well underway towards a world-class customer service.

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Sales Manager

Gregor Waldner

Cathrin K Danielsson

Key Account Manager

Viggo Bülow

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