Global Swedish company.

Market leader in its sector and with operations in a very large number of countries.

An important global IT project had failed.

The IT project had been ongoing for over two years and the deadline was nine months away. It was increasingly apparent that the project management had lost control. The CIO finally had enough when the project manager once again postponed the roll out and presented a plan which would lead to 10’s of MSEK in damages to be paid to a supplier.

Intelligent structure enabled intelligent behavior and vice versa.

Influence was hired to secure the success of the project. The goal was clear: eliminate the risk of damages and roll out the IT solution according to original time plan. The assignment started with a project review. There after an action plan was established. The plan was accepted the organization committed to run the project according to Influence’s project management methodology. An Influence consultant led the project full time for 5 months and he could thereafter manage the project on a part time basis.

No damages were paid and the project was delivered according to the original schedule.

Influence’s initial project review indicated several mistakes commonly found in large and complex projects. The project structure was far from optimal and there were severe collaboration problems between some of the large number of stakeholders. The mood was not good in and around the project team.

Influence’s action plan resulted among other things in a new project management setup. A trustworthy and reputable employee was appointed project manager an made responsible for the anchoring process within the client’s organization. An Influence consultant was appointed second-in-command and led the project operationally and handled all suppliers. They worked explicitly and purposefully to achieve intelligent behaviour throughout the project. An intelligent structure enabled intelligent behaviour and intelligent behaviour generated an even more intelligent structure. It was a positive spiral that gave the project both speed and direction.

The cooperation was fruitful and after a few months of hard work it was no longer a crisis project. The work went according to plan and delivery could take place according to schedule thus avoiding any damages.

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Johan Wieslander

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