We are fifty consultants with different backgrounds from which each and every one of us has understood and experienced the potential of Collective Intelligence.

With our help, both small and large organizations in all sectors and businesses can develop their management and project teams so that they make better decisions and thus make their business and projects more successfully. We have carried out research in this field for many years and we have applied our research in hundreds of client projects since 2007. Over the years, we have gradually developed, tested and refined our methods and tools. Today we offer a unique and comprehensive concept.

Our unique approach

We combine the analytical skills and implementing capability of the management consultant with the leadership consultant’s sense for groups and individuals. With this combination we carry out a wide range of assignments where we solve the business challenges of our clients at the same time as we develop their Collective Intelligence.

Explore Collective Intelligence in action

Explore Collective Intelligence in action

Our future as a species may depend on our ability to use our global collective intelligence to make choices that are not just smart, but also wise.

– Thomas W Malone, Professor at MIT and founding director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence

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