Influence is an innovative Swedish management consulting company. We are genuinely interested in people and problem solving. And in boosting performance in organizations through Collective Intelligence.

Pioneering Collective Intelligence

Increasingly tasks are performed by groups. And groups are taking more and more responsibility for decision making and execution. The potential in increasing groups’ efficiency is enormous. We are pioneers in the field and help our clients seize this potential and develop Collective Intelligence.

The Art of Influence

Collectively intelligent teams make better decisions. They are also better than others at executing decision made. At Influence we make management teams, groups and entire organizations collectively intelligent using research-based methods. We call this the art of Influence.

Creating Collective intelligence

Today’s organizations are often highly complex. The complexity makes efficient microsystems the key to organizational performance. We are pioneers within Collective Intelligence and have the knowledge, approaches and tools to improve the quality of all microsystems.


Manage complexity with an intelligent framework

In the Point of View paper Towards Collective Macro Intelligence we argue that most existing frameworks are either too simple or too complex. We have developed a new model with three major dimensions in three different key areas that will serve your organisation better.



Influence behind the turnaround of Connecta


Influence enabled world class customer care


Influence’s approach saved a global IT project in crisis


Influence’s methods improved administration practices and job satisfaction

Explore Collective Intelligence in Action

Explore Collective Intelligence in Action

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